Skyfire Raid - 7/5 -info

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Skyfire Raid - 7/5 -info

Postby redemption » Fri Jul 06, 2018 5:12 pm

If these numbers are wrong please pull your parse and compare what you get. these are from the combined mobs on the final run in which we won. The reason i am posting this is so ppl can see where they stand in comparison with others in thier class. Yes some ppl will have good reasons for having vastly different numbers but generally if you are far below the rest of your class you are missing something. On the other end if there is one person who is far ahead in your class you should really talk and get some ideas on how to increase the things are doing. i understand that number of casts alone is not a perfect indicator the actual spells cast are what is important. but you should all have gameparse downloaded and have the ability to look for yourselves at what spells your classmates are casting.

Spells cast

Taylon - 1406
nasham - 1082
pwentet - 764
nein - 741
fendy - 699
slain - 583
kiras - 520
azax - 473
taza - 470
gankr - 460
yella - 459
redemptionsword - 447
rabun - 408
azat - 403
espionovsky - 395
erruin - 388
arckonn - 366
dusklar - 359
sadinea - 359
swingfirst - 356
eishinereborn - 348
bobino - 317
jomansir - 316
orisha - 316
kenluin - 312
thuko - 303
como - 295
gillette - 290
jonifar - 286
malstic - 278
spot - 272
anok - 268
garronn - 265
baelgar - 260
vortexx - 258
joltz - 257
magas - 252
vladrik - 249
nyborg - 248
kanou - 221
slingdeath - 215
brigitte - 207
jeod - 206
chman - 205
bufdaddy - 200
tuleras - 191
kenanna - 171
bonniemae - 162
majique - 162
edina - 148
yagir - 117
krea - 116
krule - 100
trubullen - 86
tiggens - 2

As a final thought in this post i want to say that i think ros raids are hard enough that the current system we use to select ppl for joint raid nights is actively making it harder for us to win and progress. instead of the volunteer system i think we need to find a way to rank ppl in their class and ppl need to earn their slot. this will give us the best and fastest way to perfect a strategy and progress.
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Re: Skyfire Raid - 7/5 -info

Postby asherman » Sat Jul 07, 2018 11:10 pm

i agree with that you are saying but a general system need to put in place for all classes as in a place where you should be on your own parse and average it out with the other members of said class and make the the average the point that you would have to be to raid

there is a issue with this such as tanks and healers due to not have concreate numbers to point out where the strong points are and where the weak points and due to that there needs to be a agreed group of people outside the officers on what performance should be

there are more issue with that such as things that are need for that to works such as a mandatory voice chat/parsing program as they would stream line this process

if we are to have the such a thing manny things must be done
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Re: Skyfire Raid - 7/5 -info

Postby Rabun » Mon Jul 09, 2018 2:20 pm

thats a start red, People have slipped back into their old ways. We cant have that if we want to progress more. I wish more people would say what they are thinking. Good or bad lets here it so we can get to where we want to be.

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Re: Skyfire Raid - 7/5 -info

Postby Bflat Trebleclef » Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:40 am

Hmmm ...
An interesting idea.
But there seems to be a slight flaw with it .
Who exactly am I comparing to?!?
I am in a "Class by myself!"
While my ego might want me to puff out my chest.
It's hard in reality to base bardic progress in raw numbers.
Unless of course you are doing raid wide parses both with my Songs running versus when my Songs are absent from the raid!

As always, I keep my ear open for new information and bardic tips.

Bflat Trebleclef
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Bflat Trebleclef
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Re: Skyfire Raid - 7/5 -info

Postby redemption » Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:09 am

well i suppose there is two ways to look at that. either we accept that we have no way to figure out your worth or we find a way to compare all that you can do to melee dps classes in general. which do you think should be done? there is a way to do this for all classes. however it will not all be done the same way. that does not mean it should not be done.
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