A tale of two Trebleclef's

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A tale of two Trebleclef's

Postby Bflat Trebleclef » Thu May 10, 2018 12:48 pm

First verse ...

Deacun Trebleclef was dragged off hurt and groggy from the initial attack.  Once his captors had moved what they considered a safe distance from his companions,  they quickly bound and gagged the bard.  To prevent him from using his musical magick to free himself.

Deacun knew this was bad.  For the orcs had taken his bags, including the one with his instruments.  Leaving no trace of his whereabouts for his friends to follow.

The orcs also took specific precautions to ensure the bard could not escape.  They bound his hands behind his back.  In addition, they had tied his fingers to prevent him from drumming at all.  A gag was jammed in his mouth to prevent any words being sung.  The orcs even went so far as to tie a rope to one ankle.  To prevent the dancing or tapping of any rhythms.

Once Deacun was tied up to their satisfaction, the orcs began to move off.  Winding through the back streets and alleys.  Carefully avoiding every other person nearby.

Deacun did not know where the orcs were taking him.  He did know that he had to get away as soon as possible.  For as long as the orcs had him, his friends could not easily come to his aid.  The longer he was the captive of the orcs the smaller his chances of escape would become. 

Deacun walked along, trying to keep up the pace the orcs had set.  Bound as he was, every now and then the rope to his ankle would be yanked and Deacun would stumble and fall painfully to the cobblestones.   This would bring laughter to the orcs who reveled at the bard's discomfort.  They would then jerk him violently to his feet and shove him forward again.

Each fall did no good in clearing the cobwebs from the mind of the captive Trebleclef.  It wasn't until he fell again sometime later that Deacun realized he was nearing the docks.  The river water could be seen through the boards of the walkway.

"Ugh!" Deacun worried, "If they get me aboard ship even the Ranger's expert tracking skills will have trouble finding me!"
Once the orc party and their prize bard reached the edge of Qeynos they made their way to the far edge of the water where a longboat was hidden.  The orcs forced Deacun into the middle of the longboat and got in around him.  He finally got a chance to rest and organize  his thoughts.

Once again, Deacun realized he had to get away VERY soon or he was done for!  He also had to retrieve his bags and more importantly, his instruments!

Weapons are fine to be sure.  Food and water are necessary.  To a Bard though, his instruments are his life!  A bard's songs can create harmony in others.  Their songs can sustain them when they hunger or thirst.  The songs can heal serious wounds.  Other songs can even  kill!
But ...
Some songs are based upon certain instruments.  While the words can be sung, without the required instrument some songs will have neither the power nor the desired effects!
Also, the more experienced and adept the bard, the greater his instruments!   For some instruments have their own magickal power and abilities.  Which increases the power of those songs even further!

Deacun's only chance to escape would be when they boarded the orc's ship.  Where this ship could be he didn't know but it couldn't be too close.  If was too near the Qeynos port it would have easily been discovered and sunk.  Not even in Qeynos are orcs popular!   In that, the bard was correct.  The orcs were rowing long enough that the sun had sunk from the sky.  Deacun stole a quick glance around in the hope that some kind of rescue was nearby.  Only an empty horizon and floating seagulls were in view.

So his freedom was in his own tightly bound hands!  It was then that Deacun began to form a plan of escape.
Every bard knows that some of  the songs whose power is of the voice don't necessarily need to be verbalized to work!
Deacun shuddered, "Thankfully, they didn't take out my tongue!"
As it was, the gag would make tunes difficult but not impossible!

The timing would need to be perfect! 
"Just before I'm on deck will be my best chance" mused Deacun.
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Re: A tale of two Trebleclef's

Postby Bflat Trebleclef » Thu May 10, 2018 11:19 pm

Second verse ...

The rest of his time, Deacun spent picking and choosing the most useful eight songs.  Eight songs to keep memorized in the forefront of his mind.

A good Bard will know hundreds of songs.  The most gifted of Bards can know thousands of songs!
But the Songs of Power that twist magick. Those songs that create the desired effects necessary for the Adventurer's Way are strong!  So strong that only a limited number can be safely kept in the forefront of a bard's mind.
For the Minstrel of the 52nd Song, Deacun Trebleclef, that number currently is eight songs!

As it worked out, Deacun just finished reviewing the details of his plan and memorizing a specific eight songs.  As he looked up a strange mist appeared about a half mile off the port side of the longboat.   The orcs, upon seeing the mist, relaxed.  They began steering towards it.  As Deacun looked, the mist seemed  to turn towards the longboat.
"WAIT!  Turning TOWARDS  the longboat?!?"  He almost jumped in surprise.  That meant there was an orc on board who can cast magick.   "That is going to make my escape difficult!"  thought Deacun.  He sighed in frustration but was determined nonetheless.   He simply had to escape!
Hopefully, the caster is busy or sick from the sea's motions. 

As they drew closer to the mist sounds could be heard.  The sounds of a ship.  Then the longboat passed into the mist.  It was a thick mist.  So thick that Deacun could not see ten feet passed the prow of the longboat.
As the orcs continued to row through the dense mist Deacun slowly tensed his body. Thinking this might be a better opportunity to escape, the bard began to draw in a deep breath.  Before he could act, the longboat pierced the other side of the mysterious fog!  Like a curtain opening they were clear.

Deacun momentarily despaired thinking he had missed his chance to break free.  Then he saw what the orcs were staring at.  The prow of the orc ship.  She was an orc battleship!  From what little he knew, it was a heavily armored and decidedly impressive battleship!

As they rounded the starboard side of the battleship a rope ladder was lowered.
The leader of his captors grabbed Deacun by the throat.  It's breath stinking, face close, it growled a warning.  "We untie you hands to climb.  You foot I hold rope to.  You try to get away, I pull you back into boat and we kill you NOW!  For fun we see how good you instruments float with you corpse tied to them!"

The ropes on Deacun's fingers and hands were cut.  The sudden rush of blood back into his hands made the bard wince in pain.  As he rubbed his hands to encourage blood flow, the rope on his ankle snapped tight.  Spilling Deacun roughly to the deck of the longboat.   "Remember  ...  just climb!  NO tricks!" snarled the orc.

Deacun reached for the rope ladder to begin the climb.  As he looked up he saw twenty rungs.  "Twenty rungs and either I'll be free or done for!"
Nineteen  ...
Eighteen  ...
Seventeen  ...
Sixteen ...
Deacun's heart began to pound in his chest.
Tenth rung ...
the bard began to breathe as deeply as the gag in his mouth would allow.
Fifth rung ...
as softly and silently as possible he began humming his first chosen Song of Power.
As he hoped, seconds later he felt it's effects.  The weight of fatigue dropped from Deacun's tired body and mind.
Fourth rung ...
Deacun twisted in another song.  Strength flowed into his muscles!
Third rung ...
The next song made his lungs feel full.
Second rung ...
Another song twisted into the mix.
"This it it!!!"
Top rung ...
Deacun bunched his muscles.
As he swung his leg over the railing of the deck the orc below released the rope to the bard's ankle thinking his prey was caught.  Then again, thinking isn't usually what orcs are known for!
When the rope went slack.  Deacun lunged across the deck of the battleship.  His reflexes and strength augmented by the Songs of Power.
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Re: A tale of two Trebleclef's

Postby Bflat Trebleclef » Fri May 11, 2018 12:33 pm

Third verse ...

Deacun seemingly flew across the width of the deck of the battleship.  As he landed on the opposite railing he planted his feet.  Crouching low, Deacun catapulted himself into the air leaving the battleship and her crew far behind.

The orcs could be heard screaming at their fleeing prey.  Deacun saw that his leap was well clear of the ship and heading for the water below.  It was time to twist another Song into the mix.  Letting go of one Song for another.
All the while fumbling with the annoying gag.  As the new Song's effects take hold, arrows whiz by Deacun's falling form.  Narrowly missing the bard.

As he hits the frigid water the temperature shocks the bard's body.  Causing him to sharply inhale despite the gag still in his mouth! 
Thankfully the Song of Power that was just twisted was Enduring Breath.  Allowing Deacun to breathe under water.  Arrows were shot into the water around him.  The orcs were hoping to get lucky.  The bard's luck was better and he was unhurt.

Once the initial shock of the water passed.  Deacun swam deeper into the water.  Untying his feet and removing the gag.  "Ahhhhh, FREEDOM!"  With enduring breath Deacun twisted in yet another Song, a special traveling tune.   Deacun swam back towards the battleship.
"Time for part two of my plan.  Rescue my bags and more importantly, my Instruments!  Once I retrieve those I will take my leave of these vile orcs." 

Deacun broke the surface of the water like an arrow.  Once free of rope and gag he could sing properly.  The battleship was approximately one hundred yards to his left.  He sang and drummed a rhythm on his chest.  His speed increased a little more as the traveling tune was percussion based.  The drumming causing an increase to percussion Songs of Power.  Which had Deacun floating across the wave crests as well.

During all this, morning had come.  Even though it was broad daylight and Deacun was in the open, he remained unseen!
Thanks to the traveling tune for this as well.  The closer Deacun got to the battleship the more he stretched to gain height.  When he was back alongside the war ship it's deck was within reach.  As he pulled himself up the traveling tune lifted him as well. 

Now on the top of the railing, Deacun ran around the ship at a speed only a bard could attain.  He circled the deck looking for his bags.  On the second pass he saw them.  Just laying upon the deck, seemingly forgotten.  "It MUST be a trap!"  They cannot use just any instruments in my bags."  That's when Deacun felt the power emanating from the instruments, HIS instruments!
"Thank Prexus!  They are there!!"

With that thought, Deacun turned and all but flew towards his bags.  As he got close an orc who apparently could see the bard jumped into his path.  Deacun was ready.   He turned straight for the orc and dove.  Aiming between the orcs legs.  Sliding in midair above the deck thanks to the traveling tune.  Unfortunately for the orc, Deacun had not tried to go UNDER the orc!  At the speed he was moving when he hit the orc it was easily bowled over.  The scream the orc emitted brought a smile of satisfaction to Deacun's face.  As the orc's voice sounded an octave higher than before!

Deacun's slide also allowed him to grab his things.  With bags in hand, Deacun sprang to his feet and ran for his life!
As he ran, Deacun chanced a look over his shoulder at the battleship.
He did not like what he saw ...
A single orc wearing ceremonial robes.  Wielding a spear and knife, it started chanting.  The air began to crackle with power.  Even from the ever increasing distance Deacun could feel magick.  This orc was the Caster!

In his rush to attain his bags Deacun didn't sling his them with the usual care across his shoulder.  He cradled them in his arms.  He realized now, this was a mistake.  The boost from drumming on his magickal drum was sorely needed!  As he ran Deacun fumbled for his drum inside the bag.  Even drumming in such a clumsy manner would help.  The air was alive with power.  The Caster was about to let loose with his attack!
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Re: A tale of two Trebleclef's

Postby Bflat Trebleclef » Fri May 11, 2018 10:47 pm

Fourth verse ...

Deacun's fingers felt the familiar skin of his drum.  They instantly played the rhythm for the traveling tune in the cramped confines of the bags.  His speed increased immediately.  Deacun jiggled the bag for a better beat on the drum.  While still holding everything else as well.  Which interrupted the beat and slowed him slightly.  He had just gotten things settled as the Caster fired off his spell.

Lungs straining, voice singing, legs pounding and hand drumming as best as he could.  His speed resumed once more.  That is when the Caster's spell hit the bard square in the back!  Unfortunately none of Songs of Power Deacun was twisting were for protection.  So, his back both exposed and unprotected caught the full fury of the spell! 

A scream tore from the bard's lips as the spell did it's work.  Which stopped all the songs Deacun was twisting!  He was knocked off his feet and stopped.  Hovering in the air and writhing in pain.  Deacun maintained his grip on his bags.  The orcs cheered in the distance from the deck of the battleship.  A few minutes more and the magick from the Songs of Power faded.

Deacun plunged into the cold water once more.  This time there was no protection from the water's icy grip.  The deadly spell was also tearing at Deacun's body.  Doing more and more damage with each passing second.   His hands clenched tightly on his bags automatically to keep from losing them a second time.  Deacun was holding his breath.  Enduring Breath had ended moments before.  Without that he could not resume singing under water.  That song had to be started ABOVE the water!

Deacun tried struggling to the surface of the water.  Between hanging on to his bags and the spell slowly killing him.  It was no use.  All he could manage was to thrash around under water.
It was then that Deacun came to the realization that he was going to die!

There was no fear in Deacun's heart then, just a tinge of sadness.  Sad for the songs he would not get to hear or sing.  Sad for the places he would not get to see.  Most of all, his friends would never laugh with him again!  They also would never know what happened to him.

At first his thought was that he would die alone.  Then he realized, he was in the sea!  In the realm of the Father of the Seas, Lord Prexus.  Deacun's patron deity.  A big smile crossed his face as that thought gave him comfort.  He would die in the arms of his God.  Deacun sent a little prayer to Lord Prexus.  To be granted  a place to entertain within the domain of the Sea God. Nothing too large or fancy.  Just big enough for select crowds.  "That wouldn't be too bad.  In the coming years maybe Lady Tunare would allow some of Her followers, my friends, to visit there?  Who knows?!"

"At least I have MY Instruments with me.  That I may properly play for Lord Prexus!  I just hope my audition is good enough for the Father of the Seas!" Deacun mused.  Smiling, Deacun ceased to struggle.  Thoughts of which songs would be best for his audition filled his head.

Four and a half minutes Deacun had been holding his breath. Even his training and mastery of voice could not stop the burning in the bard's chest.  The pain from the orc caster's spell didn't help either.  As Deacun relaxed, he exhaled and took in the first mouthful of icy seawater.  He struggled anew.  His body fighting, Deacun faced his situation and stopped with an effort of will.  The thudding of his heart slowed.

Fading into the darkness,  Deacun noticed that the spell's effects had either been washed away or enough time had passed to end the damage.  Whatever the reason,  Deacun didn't care as long as the pain was gone.  "It won't be long now!" thought Deacun.  

An underwater current passed by the bard.  Turning him round and right-side up.  After a moment more Deacun stopped turning.  A thought suddenly popped into his head ... "I'm not dead yet?!"
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Re: A tale of two Trebleclef's

Postby Bflat Trebleclef » Sat May 12, 2018 11:18 pm

Fifth verse ...

A familiar sensation washed over Deacun's body in the quiet approaching dusk of the sea.  "Wait ... DUSK?!?"
Deacun saw a light in the distance.   At first he assumed it was the orc caster coming to finish him off.  This light had a very different feel to it.  This was definitely NOT the Caster nor any other orc!

Deacun was suddenly aware that he was healing AND under a form of enduring breath.  Something or Someone was saving him.  The light in the distance was moving towards Deacun.  The old habits of the bard kicked in.  He began smoothing his tunic, adjusting his pack and bags and straightening his hair.  So that he would be presentable.  No bard worth his first instruments would be caught unprepared to perform upon request!
The light, as it drew nearer, became recognizable as a Presence of some kind.  That's when the idea dawned on Deacun as to who the Presence was.

At the rate of speed the light was moving, it would reach Deacun in a few seconds.  So, as best as he could while floating in the depths of the sea, Deacun knelt in reverence as the Being approached.  Deacun's assumption was correct.  The diety before him was Lord Prexus, Father of the Seas!

"Arise Deacun Trebleclef, Minstrel of the 52nd Song!"  Deacun rose to stand, tall and proud before his God.  "I am here for you, young bard!" 
"Yes M'Lord Prexus.  I am ready for my audition!" Deacun replied.
A gentle laugh issued from the Sea God.  This confused Deacun somewhat.  "Am I not worthy, oh Lord?" 
"You are mistaken young bard.  I am here for you, but I am not here for your audition!  The time for that audition is not yet here.  While you are my most promising young bard ..."
Deacun's heart filled at these first words with immense pride.
" ... you are not yet worthy to play for me!"
At this, Deacun's pride crashed like waves on the breakers.  Deacun's face must have seemed amusing to Prexus as He chuckled.  Which made Deacun feel worse!
"Young bard.  When you sent your prayer to me you were serene, confident and at peace.  With but a slight tinge of sorrow in you.  Now your sorrow is palpable.  Why?!"
Now Deacun was worried that he was offending his God.
"I am not offended young bard.  I am merely curious."
Then Deacun understood.  The Father of the Seas could hear his thoughts!
"M'Lord, the tinge of sorrow was because there are songs I will never learn, never sing.  Places I will not see. Friends I will no longer adventure with.  Then to see Your magnificence and be told I am not worthy to sing for You.  Then be laughed at for my shortcomings.  It is almost more than I can bare!"
At hearing this Lord Prexus laughed again, further confusing Deacun.
"Young one, how many bards do you think sing for me as you do?" asked Prexus.  "Surely Lord Prexus,  there are scores and scores of bards singing for you!"

Prexus' voice took on a different tone to it.  Almost sad sounding.  Which made Deacun take notice.
"Alas young bard,
There are Healers galore,
Warriors follow me by the score,
Of the Casters there are many more!
But ...
Of the Bards there are so many,
Who sing for lords and ladies aplenty,
But in the Seas no foot tapping's heard,
Just lapping of waves and calls of seabird!
So when a bard calls to ME,
To sing for the Lord of the Sea,
A breath I take and hold in hope,
That they will learn and grow in scope!
Too many times they fall afield,
Too far from seas where they'd be healed!
In all of Norrath, across Her land,
I can count my bards on just one hand!
Tunare and Others can fill Their halls,
The bard songs ringing off the walls!
So when your screamed in agony and pain,
Then made your prayer at peace and sane,
A smile on your face and in your heart,
To your aid did I impart!
A bard like you with promise, courage and skill,
Have shoes that are quite hard to fill!
I could not simply let you die,
So to your aid did I thus fly
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Re: A tale of two Trebleclef's

Postby Phyxios » Mon May 14, 2018 8:07 am

after about the 3rd line of the first verse I saw it was just too long to bother with
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Re: A tale of two Trebleclef's

Postby Bflat Trebleclef » Mon May 14, 2018 8:17 am

Well Master Rogue, it is called a "tale" of TWO Trebleclef's after all
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Re: A tale of two Trebleclef's

Postby Bflat Trebleclef » Mon May 14, 2018 8:19 am

Sixth verse  ...

At these words of praise from his god, Deacun's face shone!
"Now THAT is the bard from who I hear such beautiful songs sung!
I COMMAND you, Deacun Trebleclef, to walk again the lands of Norrath and gather more songs and tales.
So that when you finally return for your audition,
I will expect you to sing for a year and a day with your rendition! "

Deacun bowed deeply with pride, humility and no small amount of excitement!   He was alive!  He had met Lord Prexus.
And ...
The Father of the Seas wanted him to learn and grow for He was looking forward to his audition!   Deacun almost danced where he stood.

Then thoughts of his friends filled the bard's head!  "Wait till I tell them THIS!!!"
Deacun suddenly remembered the ambush and fight where he was taken.  Concerned filled Deacun's heart.  Were his friends hurt or dead?  Or worse, taken captive as well?!  Without thinking Deacun grabbed his pack and was reaching for his instruments to mount a rescue for his friends.   He then felt a gentle hand upon his shoulder.  Deacun turned to look into the face of Prexus.  He heard Prexus' soothing voice tell him,
"Ease your mind Bard.  Your friends are well!

I have spoken with Lady Tunare.  She informed me from your Cleric friend that the ambush was for YOU!  Once you were captured the orcs broke off the attack and fled.  Your friends scoured Qeynos.  The Ranger tracked you to the docks where he lost your trail.  The Wizard spotted a hobbling orc, half dead moving towards the docks himself.  They "persuaded" it to tell them everything.  The battleship the orcs took you to is long gone.  Hidden among the mists once more!
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Re: A tale of two Trebleclef's

Postby Bflat Trebleclef » Mon May 14, 2018 8:22 am

Finale ...

This was the tale that my ancestor, Deacun Trebleclef, told his family and friends about meeting Lord Prexus.

In the decades that followed Deacun did indeed roam across Norrath and the moon of Luclin.  As well as roaming the various Planes of Power.
Throughout that time Deacun reverently sang his praises to Prexus.  He is even said to have returned to the Halls of Prexus in the sea from time to time.

As the ballads tell us, there was war among some of the gods.  I have heard that Prexus fought as well.  My father and my teachers tell me Deacun had fought at Prexus' side at that time!
No one knows, as one is around who will recount the tales.  Whether Lord Prexus fell in battle or was exiled or fled.  No one knows!  What no one doubts is that Deacun was by His side in the end.  Deacun had been heard saying that he was the "Favorite Bard" of Lord Prexus!   When Prexus vanished, so did Deacun.

Many many years later ...

My mother, gods rest her soul.  Told me that she was told by "the Gods" to make sure my name was Trebleclef!  Which Gods she never said.  Despite the fact that Deacun was not known to have taken a wife.  He was also supposedly the last of the Trebleclefs.  That the named had died with him.

Mother was fiercely adamant as to my name!  So much so that it was almost the end of her marriage to my father.  Father being from the Summersong family, fought her.  He expected his family name to continue through me.  To no avail!  Mother was too determined to lose. Father was too much in love with mother to lose her.

So my surname is Trebleclef.  Though none know my FULL name!  I loved my mother, so I kept the Trebleclef name.  I also loved my father.  I knew he was disappointed giving in to mother's demand.  So when I registered with the Antonican Bardic Guild I gave them a different name.
I am on the bardic lists as Bflat Trebleclef.
A name I have received quite a bit of teasing about to this day.

"So ...
What is my given name?  My name from birth?" you ask.
I was born Deacun Trebleclef.
If it hadn't been more than a century since anyone had even heard anything of the original Deacun.  My father would have left my mother, thinking her untrue.  But mother's heart belonged to father and he knew it.
Except ...
When it came to her reasons for my name!  Years later, I tried to ask her about her decision.  She told me only what she told everyone else.   She became quiet. Then in an uncharacteristically stern manner told me NEVER to ask again!
Out of respect for her, I never did.

This is the tale of the naming of Bflat Trebleclef and ...
Only one of the tales of the legendary Bard, Deacun Trebleclef.

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Re: A tale of two Trebleclef's

Postby Bflat Trebleclef » Mon May 14, 2018 8:26 am

I wrote the beginnings of this tale many years ago
As you can see, I finished it last December
I hope you enjoyed my tale!
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Re: A tale of two Trebleclef's

Postby Jaedo » Mon May 14, 2018 9:44 pm

<3 lore!!!
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Re: A tale of two Trebleclef's

Postby chantrae » Sun May 20, 2018 6:01 pm

Wow! i LIKE it :) very cool, thanks!
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Re: A tale of two Trebleclef's

Postby gentsia » Wed May 23, 2018 7:28 am

Good story...but why is the Bard the hero??

The Cleric kept your friends alive!
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