Application Template

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Application Template

Postby Lilyl » Thu Oct 19, 2017 10:06 am

Before you apply, please register on the forum using the name of your in-game character that's applying to Phoenix Rises.

Copy and paste the following template into a new post (Please answer all questions completely. A well-written resume goes a lot further than a couple of one or two word answers):



Level 105 required.

AAs Assigned/Total Spent (Min 12,000):


Has this character ever had a different name?

Magelo ID (required):

List all previous raiding guilds and the reason(s) you left:

What raid experience do you have on any character?

Are you the original owner of this account?

Resists maxed?

Ability to gate, invis, shrink?

Is your gear group EoK or better, and have you filled all aug slots?

Do you have Essence of the Dragon I completed? (Achievements >> EoK >> Progression)

Is this the character you wish to raid with?

Do you use Gina triggers? We require the use of triggers as an effective raiding tool.
Gina can be downloaded here:

Do you use a parse program? We require the use of a parse program for the purpose of self evaluation/improvement of raid performance.
Parsing programs can be downloaded here:

You must maintain at least 60% raid attendance during your app period. If a situation occurs that you can not meet this, you must notify an officer.
Being realistic, what percentage of raids do you think you will attend?

Why do you wish to join Phoenix Rises?

Is there anything else you would like to add, such as outstanding contributions you could make to Phoenix Rises?

The use of third-party programs is not permitted.

Phoenix Rises App team: Chantrae, Lilyl, Sadinea
Phoenix Rises guild leaders: Gillette, Zamboni
Phoenix Rises officers: Leelaz, Lilyl, Narye, Rabun
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